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Lead with authenticity, awareness, and confidence

Together we tap into your natural way of being and your essence that create value for others as well. We then discover your real power and how to recreate your life from a place of abundance of possibilities.

Together, we discover and remove the blocks holding you back from emerging as a powerful leader in your organization and in your community.


Our goal is to walk beside you as we overcome challenges and navigate success while creating your DREAMS.

Together, we focus on connecting with your essence and deep values to design to create and live the changes that YOU would LOVE to see. 
Our approach to coaching leaders is inspired by Coaching From Essence, Conscious Leadership and Six-Petal sacred geometry.

What is on each Patel?

  1. Create B’

  2. Find A - Where you are

  3. Design your Journey 

  4. Play Big

  5. Allow for Reflection

  6. Measure and Celebrate Success