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Interview With

Amanda Parker

Do you know how to set goals? Do you know how to achieve your goals? Understanding what matters most to you in your life from the distant future helps you get some pretty clear perspective about what's important for you today.


I see a lot of interest and inquires from my clients about tools and techniques that can help them with goal setting. Specially since many lives have been impacted by Covid, some are re-inventing their lives thus identifying new goals.


On this topic, I had a “fireside” chat with a great friend who is also a great leadership coaching expert, Amanda Parker.


Interview With

Robert Ellis

Are you feeling a hunger to discover and embody your life's purpose?

The good news is that, you’re not alone! So many of my clients share their professional life with me and lately, I’m seeing an increasing number of quite successful people who are seeking solutions for this particular matter. On this topic, I had a “fireside” chat with my mentor and leadership coaching expert Robert Ellis. He has helped many leaders unleash potentials, transform cultures, and create bold futures. In this conversation we talk about;

  • Difference between Essence, Passion, and Purpose

  • How to find out about your essence

  • The 3 questions that help you make decisions that are in alignment with your essence